As of 4:30PM Friday: A very warm and sunny day in the CSRA, and it’s going to be the last of them for a long while. While we will see sunshine after the harsh weather this weekend, we wont get warmer until the middle of next week. We got up to the lower 60s today, but over the next few days we will be lucky to break out of the mid 50s, seeing a gradual cool down all the way until Monday. Temperatures tonight will be fairly closer to average in the lower to mid 30s, but we need to watch for this weekend.

We are still in an Alert day Saturday night into Sunday afternoon, with heavy rain coming through the entire area, and the likely chance of freezing rain and sleet in the northern CSRA counties. We have seen a bit of a change, with the threat of the freezing rain getting as far south as Aiken, so be advised and prepared in case the cold air flows further south than anticipated, it is still a changing forecast.