AS OF 8 PM: After a beautiful weekend, clouds will become more prevalent tonight as a low pressure system approaches. As a warm front moves north Sunday morning, showers will spread out more widely. There is a chance of a few thunderstorms. Showers and thunderstorms will continue into the afternoon as the warm front lifts north, although it will be battling a wedge of cold air. The extent to which the front moves north will determine whether or not we have severe weather. Currently, there is a marginal risk for the bulk of the area, with a slight risk for our southern counties. The biggest threat will be heavy rain, with totals ranging between 0.5″ and 1″. There could be isolated spots closer to 2″. A cold front sweeps through, and high pressure builds overhead as the new week begins, bringing lower temperatures. The early half of the week could see lows as low as the 30s. This would raise issues with freeze and frost. Late in the week, highs reach the 70s, and Friday into Saturday will see showers. Late next weekend and into the next week, another blast of chilly air hits.