6PM Tuesday- We had another nice day of sunshine! Humidity is very low, but a southwesterly wind will start to increase our moisture tomorrow. Expect mid 30s with clear skies for your Wednesday morning, with clouds moving in from the west by the afternoon. Wednesday night through Thursday morning will be very cloudy. Temperatures will rise to 70 degrees, which will help fuel thunderstorm development.

We have a Vipir 6 Alert Day in effect for Thursday evening. A system will move in from the west, bringing a line of storms from around 5-10PM. There will be brief heavy rainfall with very gusty winds. Rainfall totals should stay under 1″ since this line will move in and out quickly. Wind gusts could easily reach 45 mph, but severe winds of 60+ mph are possible as well. There is also an isolated tornado threat. The higher threat is for the Northwestern half of the CSRA. This line of storms will lose intensity once passing the metro.

Temperatures are dropping after this, with low 50s as highs into the weekend and lows in the mid 20s! A quick warm up will happen again, with upper 60s and 70s likely next week. It will be overcast through with rain chances.