7AM Tuesday- Good morning! We have another cold start to the day, with temperatures in the mid 20s through mid 30s. The 30’s are due to the clouds that moved in, which keep temperatures a bit warmer. With the clouds comes an increase in moisture. This is just enough to produce some snow flurries flying around. However, there is still so much dry air at the surface preventing the flurries from reaching the ground. The clouds with flurries are pushing south of Augusta now. Skies are clearing in the Northwest CSRA. By the late morning, our entire area will be sunny. It will overall be a pleasant winter day with calm winds and slightly warmer temperatures, reaching the upper 40s and low 50s.

Sun will stick around through Thursday, and by then temperatures will reach the 60s! Clouds move in on Friday ahead of our next system. This will make for a rainy but warm New Years Weekend. Highs will be in the mid 60s through low 70s. New Years Eve on Saturday will have a high chance of widespread rain and overcast skies. A few showers are possible early in the day on Sunday.

Next week will be mostly dry and warm, with temperatures staying around 70 degrees.