7PM Friday- We have drizzle across much of the CSRA with dense cloud cover and winds up to 15 mph. There will be brief clearing tonight which will allow temperatures to drop into the mid 50s, but the clouds come right back by the morning. Saturday will be mostly cloudy and breezy, with drizzle and light rain possible in the evening. Highs will be above average in the mid 70s.

A cold front will pass Saturday evening, and behind it comes clear skies and cold air. Highs and lows will be nearly 20 degrees cooler Sunday compared to Saturday. Temperatures will stay on the cool side all next week, and there will be several mornings near freezing.

Low pressure will likely develop in the Gulf, which will bring brief warming by the middle of the week, followed by another temperature drop. Tuesday will be cloudy with rain, and isolated showers are possible Wednesday and Thursday as well.