As of 4:30PM Wednesday: We are still in a Vipir 6 Alert Day and we will remain at least until 8pm, when the Excessive Heat Warning expires. Only a few counties are in this warning, but everyone across the CSRA is in a heat advisory of some form. The heat index will continue to be high at least until the expiration period, and it will be around 110-120. Luckily the next few days don’t have heat indices as high, but they will still be in the upper 100s. It wont be until Father’s Day that we get “cooler” but still above average conditions.

There is a chance for storms tomorrow and Friday, with Friday being in marginal risk for severe weather. While we don’t need another day like yesterday with multiple severe thunderstorm warnings. We do need rain, and a lot of it. Until then we expect upper 90s and lower 100s, with the heat index remaining at least in the 100s.