A Warmer And Clearer Start To The Work Week


As of 6:30PM Sunday: A cloudy start to the day in the CSRA, but the clouds cleared out this afternoon. Temperatures started a bit warmer today, in the low 50s, upper 40s. We even saw that heat stick around for the afternoon when we got to the upper 60s. Tonight seems a little tricky, as the models are inconsistent, but I believe we will be in the 40s, and it will be chilly tomorrow morning, so be sure to dress warm.

Like I mentioned this week is going to be much warmer, getting into the mid 70s, by the middle of the week. However, we do have a bit of hiccup near the end of the week as a cold front comes through. Showers are possible, but storms seem unlikely, considering how much moisture we will have.

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