As of 4:30PM Thursday: Another very cloudy day today, but only with a few showers and some storms. Temperatures were very cool in the low to mid 80s. Even the feels like temperature wasn’t that high today, with only a few degrees warmer. With the low pressure to our south we were lucky that we didn’t get excessive rain. However, for tomorrow there are two possibilities. The first is that the low pressure, and fronts, will stay to our south, and we will have just a cloudy day with only a few showers. The second is that the low and fronts will move toward the north bringing strong storms and showers almost all day. Based on the current models, the first is more likely.

While some days, like this weekend, will be better than others, this entire week will be cloudier and rainy. Luckily the temperatures will stay cooler and mild, but the humidity will build into the weekend, and the stickier conditions will return.