SANDERSVILLE, GA ( WJBF) — Loving and compassionate — those are just a few words Mason Evans uses to remember his aunt Tina Prince.

” What I will miss most about her is her presence. How great she made you feel when you were around her. How loving she was. How compassionate she was about people,” Mason Evans said.

After a week long search the body of 46 year old Tina Prince was found off Pleasant Grove Road in Washington County.

” The body will be transported to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy for positive identification and cause and manner of death,” Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran said.

Investigators said 31 year old Aaron Matthew Adams has been arrested in connection with the death of Tina Prince.

” He has been charged with one count of felony concealing a death and 2 felony counts of false statements,” Cochran said.

Deputies say Adams is the man who Prince was on the phone with after leaving the Puebla Mexican Restaurant where she was last seen.

Investigators say prince drove to a nearby Walmart parking lot that night where she met up Adams — that’s also where her car was found days later.

Investigators believe she had an “on-again off-again relationship” with Adams.

” I never thought that someone would do something like that especially someone that had a relationship with her,” Evans said.

Deputies say this is still a very active investigation — but for the family it provides some sense of closure.

” I believed they would have been able to find her, and I had hoped so, but I do know that she’s in a better place. She was a great person, great with people and great with God.”