Wife talks about husband’s arrest for operating unlicensed homeless shelter

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Lovand Reynolds was arrested Tuesday at a home on Lanier Drive.

Investigators said there were four people living at the home when they arrived. They said Reynolds charged the clients rent and did not have a license to operate a personal care home.

Under Georgia law, a “personal care home” is considered any dwelling that provides services, like food or medicine, to two or more residents. Also, all personal care homes and homeless shelters, by law, have to be licensed. 

Reynolds’ wife said this is all a big misunderstanding: “It would be very, very easy to walk away and say ‘forget it.’ Nobody else cares about these people.”

But Renee Reynolds, Lovand’s wife, said that is not a choice. The Augusta C.A.V.E. Unit went to their veteran’s homeless shelter Tuesday and found four people living there– one whom the task force said requires round-the-clock care and is on oxygen 24/7.

But Reynolds tells a different story: “He has access to everything he needs. He bathes himself. He dresses himself. He feeds himself. He cooks for himself.”

Investigators also said Reynolds gives his clients food and medicine, which is included in their $200 monthly rent.

“If you want to call the fee we that we charge the men here and the women at our women’s shelter “rent”, then Salvation Army, Garden City Rescue are charging rent,” Reynolds explained.

The C.A.V.E. incident report states they contacted code enforcement when they noticed a “caving” in the floor, and mold on the tile.

What it boils down to: Investigators said the homeless shelter is not licensed.

Sean McGahee has lived in the home since November. He was there Tuesday morning when Reynolds was arrested.

“He is one of three people, in all of Augusta, since I got injured in the military that has really touched me as angels on Earth,” McGahee told NewsChannel 6. “It is sad to see this happen.”

“[This is] absolutely something that is a mistake and could be easily remedied,” Pastor Paul Robertson of Windsor Spring Baptist Church explained. “I know him personally. I have talked with him, prayed with him. He has spoken at our church.”

As of Tuesday night, a bond has not been set for Reynolds.

“Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, and I am going to spend it without my husband. But we love people because so great of love was given through us through Christ, that we are going to celebrate this weekend,” Renee told us.

She said she is unsure if the homeless shelter is licensed, but either way, she explained she will do whatever it takes to make things right for her family’s ministry.

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