Why veterans struggle with the sound of fireworks

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– 4th of July is a holiday we all celebrate in different forms mainly with fireworks, but for Darryl Wallace that’s not the case. He says the loud sounds are triggers.

“Every-time they shooting them around here, I’m balling up in the bed, shoving pillows against my ears just crying,” says Wallace.

Wallace served four years in Afghanistan but he says when this time of the year comes around he feels like he still serving.

“It’s not fun, I wish people would understand and would be more sympathetic for people like me.” says Wallace.

Wallace suffers from PTSD and TBI, a traumatic brain injury he got while fighting for the very reason we celebrate today… a day he says reminds him of how thankful he is to have his family right by his side. He says his son comes in and takes over based off of his reactions.

“He’ll go all the way down to the next neighborhood which is like 3 or 4 miles and tell them to quit and they eventually do,” says his wife, Tiffany Wallace.

His wife Tiffany says they have tried different ways to help Daryl block out the noise, he even has headphones that help block out the impact.

“Everything we tried… it still affects him,”

She says they are lucky to be surrounded by people who try to help him from suffering so much during 4th of July.

“They’ll go around and they’ll get mad at other people for shooting of fireworks and stuff because they know how it affects him,”

Darryl and his family say they don’t mind people enjoying the holiday but just for people to be considerate. Whether that be popping less fireworks throughout the day or setting them off only during a certain time of day.

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