AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – While Augusta welcomes people from all over the world during Masters Week, local and national food organizations are doing what they can to serve the people of Augusta who live here year-round.

“All of the eyes in the world kind of come on Augusta during the Masters tournament because the golfers, and fans, and media and everyone shows up here and I think it’s just important to remember that the Master’s Table Soup Kitchen is operational every single day,” CEO of Golden Harvest Food Bank Amy Breitmann said.

In the last year, Master’s Table has seen a 23% increase of people throughout the CSRA needing a hot meal– Wheels Up Meals Up leaders agree that’s partially because of the price of groceries today. 

“There’s a lot of folks who are food insecure, as much as we can help, we’re here and again this is a very important week for– obviously– for Augusta, for the world coming up– for the golf world. And again, I think the true champions are here at Golden Harvest,” Co Founder of Wheels Up Gary Spitalnik said.

Golden Harvest Food Bank said Wheels Up’s partnership is more than just their support. 

“They donate their time– so they, they’re in the kitchen right now preparing meals for our Masters Table Soup Kitchen and we’re just so excited to have them here again. It just feels like family coming back in every year and helping us,” Breitmann said.

Breitmann says it’s just as important to serve those in need during the tournament.

“We don’t stop serving just because this tournament is going on.” 

And despite the influx of people coming in, beginning April 3rd, the soup kitchen will need your help. 

“During the week of Masters we see lots of famil[ies]– I see families and I see lots of kids. The numbers definitely do go up about 20%,” Masters Table Soup Kitchen Manager Ladonna Doleman said.

Golden Harvest is still looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested in being a part, visit.