AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — After dating for five years Leah Walker couldn’t wait to marry her fiancé Joshua Brown — but covid-19 put on a pause on that.

” It was for last year, but obviously everything got shut down and we had to cancel,” Walker said.

Planning a wedding during the pandemic has been very different.

” I never thought that I would ever see hand sanitizers and masks be used as wedding favors, but they were,” wedding planner Lisa Hankal said.

As the vaccine rollout continues and states loosen restrictions the wedding industry is picking back up.

” Most of these girls plan for this day from the time they were little girls. This is their dream day and we want it to be the happiest day of their life — stress free,” Hankal said.

Though some wedding planners said the pandemic has created some new wedding trends.

“Outside weddings have become more popular and even smaller weddings have become more popular. Since COVID downsizing and not having a great big wedding has become kinda like the new thing,” Hankal said.

While the pandemic means having a smaller guest list for brides like Walker

” Some of my older family is not coming due to it. So, most of our family aren’t going to make it because they don’t want to leave the house as much and they are waiting for more of the country to get vaccinated,” Walker said.

She still gets to marry the man of her dreams

” I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m nervous. I just want it to go perfectly and hopefully it will.”