Aiken, SC (WJBF)- The Vote Equality bus made stops in the CSRA Friday afternoon.

The bus is touring the South to educate people on equality. They are talking to people about their fight to ratify a 28th amendment to the constitution and encouraging them to sign the bus to show support.

The Vote Equality Movement is a nonpartisan grassroots effort to add a
constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, including equal voter rights.

Katie Hornung is the director of Vote Equality US. She said it’s time to solidify equal rights in the U.S.

“People are either equality oriented or justice oriented or they’re not. Anybody who is ok with inequality is not somebody I would want to support. All of us need to come together as a country and say, these are our values, they deserve to be in our constitution and it’s time to do that.”

The bus made several stops in Aiken including the USC Aiken Campus. One student said that ensuring equal voting rights is crucial, especially because of the current political climate.

“I think for us to be able to call ourselves a true representative democracy, we have to allow everybody the right to vote. And while everyone is guaranteed the right, we have seen how certain measures have kind of prevented that equal opportunity,” said Amethyst Marroquian.

Dr. Robert Murphy went to Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church to sign the bus. He said he and his wife have been active Democrats who participated in several political campaigns in recent years. He also said that the way to ensure equality is with your vote.

“We’ve got to fight back and that is done by voting early. Make your plan to do so and make your voice heard. Your vote equals your voice. Speak loudly,” Dr. Murphy said.

Vote Equality US is hoping the federal government will ratify the Equal Rights Amendment soon. Hornung said they are getting close.

“So we need to get working on the U.S. Senate. And we need to make sure people understand that we need as a country, we need equality candidates in office,” Hornung explained.

Supporters of Vote Equality continue to encourage all registered voters to get out and vote in the November 3rd election.