Trying to bypass traffic lights in North Augusta can get you fined

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North Augusta, SC (WJBF)- Many people are cutting through a parking lot to go around a long red light and officials in North Augusta say you may want to reconsider that.

Monday afternoon, North Augusta Department of Public Safety posted a warning on Facebook to drivers on the corner of Pisgah Road and Five Notch Road.

With the start of the new school year, comes a lot of traffic from parents dropping their kids off at school. North Augusta Public Safety got calls from upset drivers about people trying to bypass some of that traffic near Paul Knox Middle School by driving through the Sprint gas station parking lot.

Lt Tim Thornton with the Public Safety Department said that doing this is dangerous.

“What usually occurs, what comes with vehicles driving through private property or commercial property, gas stations, is impatience. And with impatience comes speed. And the speed increases the likely hood that there could be an accident or something could happen in the parking lot,” he explained.

Lt. Thornton said he understands how people feel, but if you are caught it’s going to cost you.

“It’s not just Pisgah and Five Notch. There are situations where gas stations are on the corner. Impatient people will avoid the light. they’ll avoid the traffic backed up and they’ll try to cut the corner. It’s going to cost you $128.75 if law enforcement can witness the event and stop you.”

Lt. Thornton said carlines cause drivers a lot of frustration. He advises parents to carpool if they can and those not dropping kids off to avoid school zones during those times if possible.

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