Trump supporters gather for a boat parade on Thurmond Lake

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Appling, GA (WJBF)- Supporters of President Trump gathered at Thurmond Lake Saturday afternoon for a boat parade.

An estimated thousand people went to Wildwood Park in boats decorated with American and Trump flags to support their candidate.

“Today I’m out here to support Trump. I think he’s a great president. I want to keep him in office,” said Brent Harsey a Trump supporter.

There was excitement in the air as hundreds of boats rode around the lake.

Stephen Burke is also a Trump supporter. He came out to watch the festivities.

“My wife and I are camping at Elijah Clark State Park and we heard about the Trump boat parade so we thought we’d come check it out.”

Boaters met at Wildwood Park and rode to Thurmond Dam where they spent hours circling the area.

“Oh it’s awesome. Everyone come together. It’s peaceful. We’re all having fun with our families on our boats. It’s a great Saturday and it’s great to be an American,” said Blaine Carter.

One couple planned to join in, but the weather changed their minds.

“Well we were going to participate in the parade but there’s a lot of wind today. So we’re just going to stay on the land and we’re just going to go support local business around the lake today,” said Deanne Looper.

There was some concern about safety with the number of boats on the lake. The Department of Natural Resources said in a statement:

“We will have every available Game Warden in patrol boats on the water…we will be enforcing all boating laws as we always do, which includes laws regarding life jackets, boating under the influence, properly following the “rules of the road,” as well as social distancing.”

One thing is for sure. Everyone that went to the boat parade believes the president is doing a great job.

“He’s an awesome president. He’s what America needs,” said Carter.

“I think it’s important that everyone come together to show support for the amazing president that’s running the United States and how good the economy has gotten here lately,” added Harsey.

“The fact that he’s exposing a lot of corruption in Washington. He does what he does and he does what he says and he’s not afraid to do it,” Burke said.

His supporters say that that are cheering President Trump on and are ready for four more years.

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