Truckin 4 Troops helps raise money to rebuild Brother’s-in-arms

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- One organization is raising money to help a friend.

We spoke to the Founder and President of that organization, Scott Mallary.

“Y’know life still here. it’s just going to be different. It’s going to be challenging but if I can help him get through that it creates a bond like we’re brothers,” says Mallary.

The bond Scott Mallary speaks about is the one with his friend Tom Mcrae. built through his organization Truckin 4 Troops.
Scott Mallary is the reason for the organization and he tells me how it all started.

“We started back in 2011 and our primary mission was getting wounded veterans out of the hospital after they were injured,which then unfolded into a lot of other missions,” says Mallary.

Tom McRae is one of those wounded veterans. a double amputee with one eye and on the verge of loosing his sight. McRae served 14 years in the Marine Corps before his accident while serving in Afghanistan.

“I would say for people who don’t know the military and especially the people that are combat veterans that it takes a lot of support and community help,” says McRae

He’s made it his mission to raise money for his friend. Bill O’Brien
a veteran who after a year of the Florence flooding is still leaving in a camper after the water swallowed his home.

“He was right across the street from me and flooded 6 feet- his property. mine none and he lost everything,” says McRae.

Now their goal is to raise enough money to rebuild his brother in arms home—with the help of a local friend.

Bobby Wilkes owns SunBuster who works on the trucks for Truckin 4 Troops..
He says trying to help his friends raise money has taught him life lessons.

“People you think that would give money to help, they don’t. and the people that you don’t think. they actually do give money,” says Wilkes.

Mallary says Mcrae’s attitude can be contagious and he hopes it can help him accomplish his mission just in time for the holidays.

“They were so inspired by Tom coming out there. It just gave them a glimmer of hope and one of tom phrases is ‘On the Bright Side’,” says Mallary.

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