Treatment continues for Georgia Cancer Center patients

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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)- Patients currently undergoing treatment at the Georgia Cancer Center for other diseases are under an especially close watch now that the coronavirus has hit.
This means they may have to wait a little longer.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to Dr. Locke Bryan, Hematologist / Oncologist at the Georgia Cancer Center and the Medical College of Georgia, he shares some of his patient’s concerns.

“What can I do to boost my immune system is a common question my patients ask?”

Dr. Bryan says some of his patients have no choice but to risk going outside and being around people — in order to continue their treatment.

“Because people have chronic illness and are on active treatment they still need to come in. We are trying to protect them. Keep them on their therapies because these are life saving interventions.

For some patients their stress level rises with every presumptive positive case in this area, and the added stress is no help agent to the patients treatment and recovery process.

“There is good research to show that stress suppresses peoples immune systems. It’s difficult in these times to live in a stress -free life, but we do know that stress relief is important.”

Although most gyms and fitness areas are closed thanks to COVID-19, Dr. Bryan says consider working out at home or taking a quick walk around your neighborhood. Make sure you eat right, this way you can relieve some stress while building up your immune system.

“Pandemic is certainly a scary word and so it’s putting a lot of pressure on patients to worry more about their immune system and infections.”

Dr. Bryan says all that’s left to do is to take it one day at a time, as we watch how the life span of the virus plays out.

“These are chronic issues. The pandemic will end and life will go back to normal. It’s difficult to predict how long that’s going to be.”

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