Town Hall today will debunk myths, encourage African American community to get vaccinated

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The 100 Black Men of Augusta is teaming up with Augusta University Health to discuss the hesitancy some in the black community feel about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. They’ll have a panelist of experts in a virtual town hall today.

The experts at the town hall will debunk myths, talk facts, and discuss issues surrounding the vaccine.

The organizations are hoping this will encourage more people to get vaccinated. The expert panel will include people from all different communities, giving testimonial to the vaccines safety.

A member of the 100 Black Men of Augusta, Clint Bryant says hesitancy stems from historical events.

VP of Special Projects with the 100 Black Men of Augusta, Clint Bryant, says, “one people talk about all the time is what happened with the Tuskeegee thing that happened back in the 50’s or so and all of that. We at the Medical College of Georgia have some history.”

Medical College of Georgia Dean, Dr. David Hess, says some myths include the vaccine being tied to a federal chip locator. He also says people believe the vaccine will get in your DNA.

He says both of those myths are untrue. Hess also says the vaccine is safe and we must vaccinate before the virus replicates and becomes more resistant.

The Dean of Medical College of Georgia, Dr. David Hess, says, “they are a transcript, if you will, of the virus, that is genetic material, but they don’t understand is that doesn’t get in your DNA at all. That gets into cells, makes the protein, and then it’s degraded. It doesn’t persist. The proteins persist to trigger your immune system.”

The event is from noon until 1:30pm via Zoom and livestreamed on the 100 Black Men of Augusta Facebook page. For the zoom information CLICK HERE.

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