AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta Democrats are responding to the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe Vs Wade.

“The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe Vs Wade was an abomination to America’s freedom,” said State Rep. Gloria Frazier.

Strong reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision last week to allow states to decide whether abortion is legal. 

That would allow Georgia’s restrictive abortion law which was passed in 2019 to stand.   But because that law is still tied up in court — local Democratic leaders say a woman’s right to choose still exists.

Senator Harold Jones said, “The 11th circuit still has to rule on Georgia’s heartbeat bill 481. We will expect that they will rule that it is constitutional because of its most recent ruling but as of right now the most recent law still does exist and we want Georgians to be aware of that” 

Augusta Richmond County Democrats say Georgia is still pro-choice.   District Attorney Jared Williams has made clear that if the court upholds that abortion law, he will not be prosecuting abortion cases.

“The answer is I can’t. The answer is I won’t. It is my job to do what’s best for the community and I don’t concern myself with public opinion. My singular focus is public safety,” said District Attorney Jared Williams.

Williams went into detail about prosecuting a case earlier this year involving a father who raped his daughter who then became pregnant with her rapist’s child. 

Williams said, “As long as I am district attorney, a woman will never have to choose between her own life and the fear of death or punishment. A victim of sexual assault will never have to choose between prison and carry her rapist’s child to term.”

State Rep Gloria Frazier, Senator Harold Jones and State Rep Wayne Howard say there’s only one way to keep abortion legal in Georgia.

As far as the legislator is concerned, we’re going to have to change who is in the legislation quite frankly. We’re going to have to change who governor is, we’re going to have to change who the attorney general is, to whether we put a stay on moving this bill forward or actually being able to appeal it,” said Senator Jones.