AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The heat is here…And so are the hot temperatures but as people head outdoors to enjoy the summer-like weather, safety experts warn you need to be careful. Lieutenant Tom Sims says your body can overheat.

“Heat exhaustion, heat stroke can occur in any type of weather, even 70 degree weather especially if you’re exerting yourself. It can happen very quickly, or it can be over a prolonged period of time,” says Lt. Tom Sims from the Huntington Fire Department.

Despite the hot temperatures, that’s not stopping some people from getting out the door and enjoying some fresh air.

Hike Matthew Andrews, says “The breeze out here is nice and it’s actually not that bad today considering things because it’s gonna get a lot hotter than this I’m sure.”

One health educator says hot temperatures can cause your body to become fatigued.

Victor Workman, R.N./Critical Care Educator, Cabell County Ems says “It may only be eighty degrees but our bodies were used to the fifty and sixty degree weather we were having just a few days ago and we haven’t had time to adjust and acclimate.”

For those who choose to tackle the heat, Victor Workman says there are things you can do to avoid heat exhaustion.

“Pace yourself. If you start feeling yourself tired, sweaty, weak: take a break,” he says.

Victor also says other signs of heat exhaustion can include a variety of symptoms.

“Cool clammy skin, with goosebumps, fatigue, faintness, overall muscle cramps, abdominal pain, things of that nature,” says Lt. Tom Sims from the Huntington Fire Department.

And sometimes the best piece of advice to beat the heat is something sweet.

Helen Jones, a Kona Ice Employee says “once you’ve been in Georgia for a while, you just stay inside if you don’t have to go out.”