Thomson Police Department to add ‘Organized Crime’ task force

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THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF)- The Thomson Police Department currently has 10 employees but the goal is to add 14 more.
In July the department responded to two murders and 10 drive by shootings all which happened in about a month.

“Whooo, it’s getting rough around here now. It’s a whole lot different then it use to be to me,” say Andrew Brown who lives in Thomson.

Brown has lived in Thomson most of his life. He tells me that the difference between his generation and this one is that back then teenagers would fight with their fist, as time went on people moved with it and started using knives. Now he says it seems like everyone fights by pulling the trigger.

“Now you scared to walk out your door,” says Brown.

Others say the growth of gangs and drugs is what’s adding more fuel to the fire.
Thomson Police Chief Anson Evans says, these changes call for new methods of law enforcement.

“If you have organized crime detectives and investigators with you in your department, it makes things such as organized crimes much easier to prosecute because now we got everything in place.”

He says with a fully equipped task force that specializes in organized crime– it calls for a better outcome in every way possible.

“When it goes before the d.a. and everyone else, it is right and were able to get the prosecution we’re trying to seek.”

But some are questioning the idea of growing the department.

“If you add 25 sheriff’s for the population of McDuffie county, I think you’ll have to many polices not doing anything.”

The Thomson population continues to grow and Imani Drake says for the sake of their youth, cracking down on the crime rates makes the addition of 14 officers necessary.

“We don’t have enough stuff for the community to do, so they’re getting in trouble,” says Drake who lives in Thomson.

The Chief says he’s working on adding two or three officers to the team in the next couple of weeks and he hopes to add the rest of them by the end of the year.

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