Student arrested for posting a “joke” after watching the movie ‘Joker’

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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF) – Liam Fox a student at Aquinas High School was arrested Thursday after posting a message on snap chat saying he wanted to shoot up Aquinas High School and restart society after watching the movie”Joker”.

According to ‘The Atlantic’: A movie that even before its release, sparked debate for two main reasons: the online fandom inspired by the character and fears of possible gun violence.
NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to clinical psychologist, Dr. Christopher Drescher who breaks down the mind of teenagers.

“We’re actually putting a really powerful technology in the hands of peoples whose brains are still developing. Who have limited life experiences and it’s natural for adolescents to make mistakes and poor decisions,” says Dr.Drescher.

Can you touch on what a movie like that can do to an adolescent mind?

“Well I think there is reason to believe that exposure to violence can increase the probability of violence in the future, especially if that violence is glorified or seen as a way to gain notary or meaning in life,” says Dr.Drescher.

Fox says he originally sent that message as a joke. Dr.Drescher says it’s time parents start to explaining to kids the importance of watching what you say and understanding the difference of what you see.

“It’s about having those follow up discussions of why do you think this character acted this way and how do you think that would play out in real life and how could things have gone differently for them and what would you do if you ever felt like that,” says Dr.Drescher.

Violence is nothing new but what has changed over the years is how fast and easy it’s broadcast-ed.

“These are kids that have grown up with Columbine (shooting) as a reality and Parkland (shooting) and lots of things and it’s just a different situation then it might have been a couple years ago,” says Dr.Drescher.

Fox faces charges for making Terroristic Threats and Acts.

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