EVANS, GA. (WJBF)- The business opened in 2020 and was created to serve Evans and nearby communities. 

“In the first five months that we were in business we were in the throws of covid, um it was very hard for any restaurant to survive,” Renee Hajek said. 

The tap and table restaurant’s alcohol license was at risk of being taken by the Columbia County Commission. Hajek says she had to fight for it.

“You see that kid right there, that’s mine– that’s Lucas, he works here. You see that kid right there, that’s mine, he built the p-o-s system right here that you guys use every single time you place a food order or we check you out right there, he built it from start to finish,” Hajek said.

Stay Social is popular among locals. 

“Just like the atmosphere, it’s near Lady Antebellum Park, some really nice views and like, it’s just a really like cool location, cool spot to come and hang out with friends and family,” Trevor Bennett said.

Hajek said regardless of what happens, they will stay open to serve food. 

Her cousin says she plans on keeping her and her husband’s wedding anniversary tradition at the restaurant.  

“Uh, me and my husband have been coming up here for the last three years to take our anniversary picture up here and to– to have a beer and to celebrate. This has, this has become a part of our tradition and so we actually– one of the things I told Renee last night was, I’m here thus year for sure I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even though we came from out of town, and I will be here next year– wherever here is,” Jessica Johnson said.