NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WJBF)- It’s 4th of July weekend and you know what that means: fireworks, music, food and fun. Here at SRP Park, visitors did just that all while watching the green jackets take in the Columbia fireflies.

“Celebrating America, here at the ballpark, nothing is like America like baseball, hot dogs and fireworks. So, we’re very excited to have the GreenJackets host the Columbia Fireflies this weekend. Uh, tonight and tomorrow night we’ll have post-game fireworks,” SRP Park General Manager Brandon Greene said

For some baseball fans, Saturday evening brought with it a variety of foods while listening to live music and kids were able to enjoy activities. 

“It feels pretty good to be out here on the Fourth of July to celebrate it,” Blake Glenn said.

And it’s not just adults that find meaning behind the holiday.

“It just means hanging out with family, you know freedom, and just celebrating America,” Logan Foskey said

Every month the GreenJackets try to support a different local charity, this time around, it’s the Boys and Girls Club.  

“Hope to raise, you know, $10 to $15,000 dollars for the Boys and Girls Club this weekend starting tonight. But, the big part of the jersey will be on Sunday evening where you can take home a jersey after the game.”

Director of operations for the boys and girls club Carlos Daniels says they’re honored to be a part of this weekend’s celebration.

“SRP and the GreenJackets have been good to the Boys and Girls Club, so– especially this past year– with support and you know, auctioning out jersey’s. You know just celebrating the Independence day and making sure that people learn and are aware about what the boys and girls clubs do,” Director of Operations Carlos Daniels said.

SRP Park General Manager Brandon Greene says 4th of July weekend is their biggest event of the year. 

“Sunday being our biggest show of the year and our biggest show in probably three or four years here at SRP Park.” 

First pitch is at 6:05 in the evening and If you missed Saturday’s fireworks you still have a chance to catch them after the game Sunday.