Sprint offers free tank of gas and job opportunities for Georgia Pacific employees

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It’s a pretty busy day at the gas pump. Georgia Pacific employees came out to Sprint gas station in Thomson and they say every little bit counts.

Georgia Pacific employee, Tron West, says, “yeah, every little bit helps. 12 cents a gallon, you can’t beat it.”

A price you can’t beat for those who need help.

Georgia Pacific employee of six years, Brandon Huff, says, “if we had, you know, to go somewhere for another job interview, you know, if we decide not to transfer, this gas helps. It helps a good bit.”

$2.30 per gallon for one tank for the hundreds of employees who lost their jobs at Thomson’s Georgia Pacific plant.

Sprint gas station’s Human Resources Director, Robin Cantwell, says “we have an awesome CEO, Andy Jones, and he’s a big believer about giving back to the community.”

With a Georgia Pacific ID, the money is put on a Sprint Rewards card. A free tank of gas today (June 14) means a different reward tomorrow.

“So, you can buy items in the store that will essentially save on your gas going forward, so it’s not just for today,” says Cantwell.

As employees plan for the future, Sprint allowed Dixie Riverside, MAU Workforce Solutions, and Ashmore Concrete Pumping to give out work opportunities.

President of Ashmore Concrete Pumping, Jerry Ashmore, says, “I’ve done a lot of work for Georgia Pacific in the past and different plants around the area. I’ve worked with a lot of their people, so I understand they are good caliber people and that’s what we are looking for.”

Georgia Pacific employees say many are getting transferred to the plant in Warrenton, but they are still open to anything that comes their way.

“It feels good cause we weren’t expecting it. We didn’t know anything about it, and they didn’t say it in the meetings that we had or anything. It was just a surprise to everybody really,” says West.

Huff says, “nobody had to come up here. Nobody had to give us gas. nobody had to try to offer us job opportunities. None of that. So, it’s just a blessing all the way around.”

Workforce companies came out today to not just help Georgia Pacific employees, but they also came out to help anybody looking for a job, especially those working at the Hollander plant, which closes in the fall.

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