AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – From spirits to sanitizer, Second City Distilling Co. is rising to the occasion for essential workers and those on the front line.

It’s a plastic spritz bottle that can be used to clean your hands or a surface.

That means kitchen counters, steering wheels, and even door knobs.

With businesses getting hit left and right from the pandemic, Second City Distilling, Co. Found a way to turn a sticky situation into a clean one.

Vice President, Second City Distilling Co., David Long, says, “everything that we had from this building that can be used is pretty much in a bottle or about to be in a bottle.”

The hand sanitizer has at least 70% of alcohol… All taken from the barrels to their stills.

“Got some resources from the ADI, which is the American Distilling Institute, which shared with us guidelines from the FDA to abide by,” says Long.

The spritz bottles are going straight towards emergency personnel, and essential businesses, like food processing plants.

“We know that with all of the businesses in town and the sheer need with the shortage of it, just the first responders and businesses in town will take everything that we can produce right now,” says Long.

Right now the sanitizer is closed off to the public. This is to comply with CDC guidelines and avoid large gatherings.

“Learning from other distilleries, what it does create is people come to the distillery to get it and lines form and obviously that’s not good for the social distancing thing,” says Long.

Hoping to find a way to mass produce to locals– Long is asking for patience. He says they are a 6 man team and working around the clock to help out.

Hand sanitizer distribution started this week. The Second City Distillery team is doing whatever they can to get these bottles to those in need.