South Carolina residents get a say in K-12 textbooks for next year

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Aiken, SC (WJBF)-

Many parents wish they had more of a say in the learning materials their children use in school. In South Carolina, they do.

Each year the state reviews updated k-12 textbooks for the next school year.

Before a final decision is made on what books to use, the public has the chance to look them over and give their opinions.

For some parents, this is the opportunity they’ve been looking for. Others think the choosing of learning materials should be left up to educators.

Judy Beck, the Dean of the School of Education at USC Aiken, said that is all part of the process.

“So they do have those content experts, those educators, who are reviewing the textbooks checking to make sure they’re aligned with our state standards. So there is that part of the review, but then there’s also the public voice that needs to be heard,” she explained.

The reviews are something South Carolina does every year and this year they are focusing on Science and Social Studies.

Beck told NewsChannel 6 that it’s the perfect opportunity for parents to be more involved in what their children learn.

“Parents can come down and take a look at what is in the textbooks their students are using both elementary all the way up through high school. And so it is really their opportunity to have their voice heard by the state department of education on what they think is needed in South Carolina schools,” said Beck.

Textbooks are available for review at USC Aiken in the Business and Education building during business hours or online. The public has until December 9th to complete their reviews.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to participate both in person and online.

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