South Augusta residents asking for solution after sewage overflow

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Sewage water is overflowing the streets of Virginia Avenue.

When homeowner, Jamie Brown, woke up this morning, she even saw it in her bath tub.

“So, anything that people flush down the toilet is in this water,” says Brown. “So, it’s toilet water. It’s human waste. It’s feminine products. It’s anything and everything.”

Brown has had enough. She reached out to the county, who she says only responded when she was last seen on the news.

“They are building the lift station now, but their temporary fix they were supposed to hold up until they got done.” Brown watches a car drive by. “He has no idea what he’s driving through,” says Brown.

She has lived there for eight years. Her neighbor, Dennis Gates, on the other hand…

“I have lived here since 1973,” says Gates.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked, “so, how long have you been trying to solve this problem?”

“I’ve been trying to get this problem solved since 1979,” says Gates.

Almost 40 years gates has been fighting this issue.

“Ain’t nobody talking that this can happen overnight, but gee wiz this is not an overnight problem. This just didn’t happen today,” says Gates.

The county is spending eight million dollars on a pump station, but Gates says he’ll believe it when he sees it.

“And the county commission been knowing about it ever since they been in there,” says Gates. “Marion Williams, Dennis Williams, they know about it.They know about it. But they don’t want to help us out.”

Augusta city leaders told NewsChannel 6 the pump station will be up by mid summer.

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