Some wonder if summer school is a good idea after a difficult school year

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AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Studies have shown that the pandemic has had an affect on the mental health of many children. One big stressor for them has been school.

Some parents think that their children are behind academically because of the nature of this school year and plan to send them to summer school. Others wonder if that is healthy and say students just need a break.

Pediatric Psychiatrist Dr. Dale Peeples said it’s not a one size fits all answer. Different children have different needs and what benefits some, doesn’t benefit all.

“If the child really is behind, really would benefit from that extra schooling over the summer, then I probably would try to prioritize that. But if your sense is, it really wasn’t the strongest year, but I think my child is pretty much up to speed here, then I’d weigh what they would be giving up by summer school,” Dr. Peeples advised.

He also said that in a year of seclusion for many children, face to face summer school could provide much needed socialization. It could ease students anxiety about their grades and if they are really ready for the next school year.

“You’ve got some kids who are going to feel behind right now, and they’re actually going to see a decrease in that stress when they feel like they have mastery over the information. So, for that kind of kid, summer school, I think could be a benefit.”

In the end, Dr. Peeples said that families are going to have to decide what is going to benefit their student most. Many kids will need that break, but others will thrive in summer School.

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