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The Judicial Center and the Municipal Building are two of Augusta’s biggest and busiest government buildings but they have different security protocols however that could be changing.

It’s the norm, at Augusta’s Judicial Center, visitors are screened as they come in but at this city building it’s not just the public getting screened it’s also the employees.

“We have to put our purse there our book bag whatever bag we’re taking in and they look at it closely and if you have something in there that you shouldn’t have they’re going to call you out pull you to the side and go through it,” says Debra Powell of the Clerk of Courts Office.

At the Municipal Building there is also screening but those pre-authorized meaning workers do not get screen, but city leaders say there looking at making city building security the same as what others are doing.

“We’re going through security that’s in place at the Ruffin Court that’s in place under the gold dome in Atlanta and in DC so we’re going to follow all those guidelines,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

That would mean Municipal Building workers would be screened like they are at the Judicial Center.

Chris Johnson, works in the Tax Commissioners Office. he appreciate the need to keep worker safe but admits it would be a change.

“But certainly when you enjoy not having to be screened come in not having to be screened I’m a little torn about it,” said Johnson, who is the Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner.

“Everybody is going to complain about something once they realize the world we live in they’re going to have to adjust and say it’s part of the process of getting into a government building,” said Powell.

“Would you rather not be screened or be screened?”

“I would rather be screened,” Powell said.

Now commissioners have not made a decision on screening at the Municipal Building yet but they are talking about it and they do have an example now here at the Judicial Center on how it would work,. In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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