AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Salvation Army of Augusta has welcomed its newest leaders.

Husband and wife, Captain Jonathan and Major Amanda Raymor have been appointed as the area commanders. Their responsibilities will involve overseeing the Kroc Center, as well as the family stores around the area, and the center of hope.

The Raymors are also the pastors for Salvation army church in the Kroc Center, and are excited to begin their time in Augusta.

“What we’re about is truly helping people with a hand up. We want people to reach the potential that they have and of course we can’t do that without a gracious and amazing community like what you had here in Augusta. I am blown away by how many people have already introduced themselves to me just walking around town, being in the neighborhood. I’m blown away wit how many people are being kind and going out of their way , just to say hi and to engage with me. That is a great blessing that you have,” said Captain Raymor.

Whats it like doing this job with your wife?

“It’s amazing, because I find that Christ has put me and my wife together for a real purpose and what I’m not so good at, my wife is exceptional. My wife is infinitely better at so many things than me and so it’s amazing that I get to work with her and to do those kind of things with an amazing team that we have here,” said Captain Raymor.

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