Rules used to cut Augusta Commissioner’s debate


An Augusta commissioner’s promised confrontation with his fellow board members didn’t get off the ground.

After getting cut off at last week’s meeting, Commissioner Marion Williams announced he was going to discuss the same three items at this weeks committee meeting.

Adding that his fellow commissioners should pack a lunch.

But Williams planned filibuster was checked by the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee who held Williams to the two minute rule when it comes to discussing items. 

“When it got to the point where there was no need for additional discussion and there was nothing to discuss there was need to end it so you evoked the two minute rule,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“He don’t know the rules, he’s telling me I had two minutes to rebuttal. How can Joe Q. Citizen have five minutes to talk and I’m an elected official he’s going to tell me two minutes but I didn’t want to get into that tit for tat with him,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Williams says he was holding his fire until the next full commission meeting, where he says the same items will be back on the agenda. 

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