AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Richmond County Neighborhood Association Alliance hosted a candidate forum for voters to learn more about those running to become Augusta’s next mayor.

“Forums like these are wonderful because it has all of us together and though there’s not enough time in the day, it can go on and on forever, it gives everyone a little snippet of what each and every one of us are about,” said Candidate, Lucas Johnson.

“I think it’s important for everyone to come out here and hear what we have to say, what we’re going to offer our community, everyone’s looking for great leadership and here’s a great opportunity for people to hear from the candidates and know what they have and what they bring to the table,” said Candidate, Steven Kendrick.

“I think it’s an excellent idea for people to physically meet the candidates, get to know them, talk to them. shake their hand, ask them questions personally, what better way to meet somebody,” said Candidate, Donald Bradshaw.

Those in attendance were given the chance to write down questions for each candidate.

“The democratic process involves what I call one of the greatest things, the opportunity to express your desire for change through your vote, so just having the citizens wanting to be engaged in our community, wanting to be engaged in the political process, I think that’s so important,” said Candidate, Garnett Johnson.

“Whether it’s male, female, it does not matter, if you want to make sure your city goes forward, you need to make sure that you come and hear these forums, get informed, get educated and then become part of the process,” said Candidate, Dr. Lori Myles.

“I think the Mayor has a big role in the city of Augusta, when people come to your city that’s one of the first people that they’re looking for, the mayor, so that is who we need to see. We need to see who is going to represent us, who’s going to have our viewpoints, and who’s going to stand for Augusta,” said Attendee, Jo’Rae Jenkins.

Whether you were a candidate trying to speak to the public or a citizen trying to be informed, one thing was made very clear, the importance of getting out to vote.

“It’s very important that people participate in that process and go and vote early, so that you don’t have to stand in line election day but in the event that you do need to wait until election day, please go out and vote,” said Candidate, A.K. Hasan.

Early voting is ongoing, and election day is May, 24th.