Recovery process of COVID-19 can cause lifelong complications

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Many people have defeated the battle with COVID-19, but what happens after? For some, recovery is not easy and can be a lifelong feat.

This virus is not like strep throat, or the flu. Once you recover from that it’s typically gone. With coronavirus, it is extremely tough on the body.

Augusta University’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phillip Coule says people can get multi-system organ failure or lung disease from surviving COVID-19.

He says usually the more sick you are, the more likely you are to contract complications, but he says this virus can go after anyone and there’s no telling how serious your condition might be.

“We have had perfectly healthy, young patients that would not be in one of those categories that ends up in the ICU or even dying from this,” says Dr. Coule.

He says it is something that is hard to predict.

Right now, doctors are trying to figure out how long immunity can last in patients who survived from the Virus and formed antibodies against it.

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