Protesters say that nothing has been done to remove the Market House

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The future of Louisville’s Market House that once sold slaves is up to newly formed Advisory Committee and the City Council.

Louisville, GA (WJBF)- In the middle of August, the Louisville City Council made the historic decision to remove the old Market House pending litigation. Nearly two months later, those who want to see it removed say that nothing has been done, so a march in protest was organized.

Those who oppose the Market’s current location said that it is a painful reminder of the past that was passed down from generations of family, not just history books. Bobby Adams is the President of the Jefferson County Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He said it represents the oppression of African Americans.

“And that slave market, to them and to the other race, means that they are still in power and have authority over us. And that’s the way it is. Their children don’t have to come up and worry about their parents that have been sold from fathers and mothers and daughters and brothers separated, going different places, never to see each other again,” Adams explained.

Some who want the market taken down say it should be destroyed, while others have a different idea.

“I think the market should be coming down and be put into a museum,” said Larkin Williams who lives in Louisville.

Cynthia Wells, an organizer of the march put together by the SCLC, was part of the advisory committee to the City Council in the weeks leading up to their decision. She saai it is important that the protests continue.

“That’s the thing. We don’t want to go silent, because a lot of times when we go quiet and go silent, things get overlooked. So we’re still not pleased at the timing and the pace at which this is going. And we just want to make sure this is not pushed to the back burner,” said Wells.

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