Protesters gather on Wrightsboro Road Saturday for a peaceful march

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Augusta (WJBF)- As the rest of the country protests, Augusta joined the outcry with a peaceful demonstration.

Community leaders and citizens alike gathered Saturday afternoon to join the national protest against the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Protesters say that while it didn’t happen here, it could.

No one knows who organized the protest. A call went out on Facebook and people showed up.

Protesters asked several times for the organizer to step forward but they never identified themselves.

Local activist Ray Montana says he received the call to attend and he answered it. He told NewsChannel 6 that it is important to be peaceful, but still show that the community has power. He says it’s time to stand up and show that the behavior of the officers in Minnesota can no longer be tolerated anywhere.

“The issues that we’re facing right now…it’s not actually a race issue. It’s a humanity issue. It’s really mind boggling. But I knew the time was going to come and I knew it was time for us to get educated on how to fight. See one thing about fighting is that it don’t come with a fist and a gun all the time. You must get educated to win a fight,” said Montana.

James Knox, who says he is a candidate for the United States Senate, agrees. He says now is the time to be heard, but violence is not the answer.

“I wanted to come out to make sure…to make sure that we were having peaceful demonstration. That they are law abiding, peaceful demonstration. And I believe in peaceful protests. I believe in the right of the first amendment. I believe in the right of freedom of expression. What we’re not supporting is violence and looting,” said Knox.

About 60 people showed up to the march, which started at the old Kroger Parking lot on Wrightsboro Road, went to the front of Fox Den apartments, then back again. The people were vocal and they were passionate, but they remained peaceful. One woman brought her young son to the rally.

Young boy protests with his mother in Augusta. photographer: Christopher Shipman.

“I thought it was important to bring him so people can see what we bringing up. We’re raising our young boys to become men,” said Lajoya Hogans.

Protesters attending say they want to be seen and they want to be heard.

Protesters speak in Augusta. photographer Christopher Shipman.

“It’s not just about black people’s lives. But right now we feel as though we don’t matter. So all we want to do…we don’t even want you to care about us. Just let us matter a little bit,” said Kyle Brooks, a protester.

Again no one knows who initially called for this march, but protesters say that they will continue to protest and that this isn’t over.

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