WASHINGTON, GA ( WJBF) — Protesters in Wilkes County demanded Rep. Barry Fleming’s resignation Monday.

“We want his resignation and we want to be heard,” Kimberly Rainey, chair of Wilkes Democratic Committee said.

Fleming is the author of a bill now signed into law that makes major changes to Georgia’s election law including shortening weekend early voting and limiting absentee ballot drop boxes.

” Leaving only a few for big metropolitan areas like Dekalb and Cobb County has suppression slapped all over it and I just think he has got to go,” Susan Abramson said.

Supporters say the law will make Georgia elections more secure, but opponents argue the bill is aimed at voter suppression particularly against black voters.

” We want to make sure that every vote counts and we want to make sure that every person is heard. These kinds of bills are voter suppression. There’s no other way to say it and it hurts people that are disenfranchised already,” Rainey said.

Fleming also serves as city attorney for Harlem, Lincolnton, and Greensboro and is the county attorney for Burke, Putnam and Glascock counties.

Washington city council members voted 4 to 2 to ask Fleming to resign.

He was also asked to resign from his position in Hancock county following a protest in March.

A similar protest is planned in Burke County on Tuesday.