Presidential recount underway in Augusta

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — With the Thanksgiving holiday behind them, election workers in Richmond and Columbia Counties returned to their headquarters to count ballots for a third time. Georgia’s presidential election results have been certified, which allowed the Trump Campaign to call for a recount. Unlike the audit of ballots conducted earlier this month, the recount is being done by machine with each ballot being scanned and tallied.

“When they [ballots] are run through, they [scanners] are taking a digital image of the front and back of the ballot,” Lynn Bailey, the executive director of the Richmond County Board of Elections, said.

The recount process is tedious. Richmond and Columbia Counties each have more than 80,000 ballots to review. But, Columbia County’s election director, Nancy Gay, said she doesn’t expect the results to significantly change.

“The hand audit a few weeks ago should have, in my opinion, brought some kind of comfort and reassurance to the process because the numbers did balance out.”

As poll workers scanned ballots, volunteers and representatives from both major political parties watched the process unfold. Brett English applied to volunteer for the Richmond County Republican Party and looked on from the public viewing room as the recount began. He told NewsChannel 6 he volunteered to ensure all rules were being followed.

“The main thing about being an observer is to make sure nothing unusual happens of any kind. If there is, we make sure it’s logged so it adds to the legitimacy and proof that there are people watching and things aren’t done without supervision.”

Each county is required to complete its recount and report results by the end of Wednesday, December 2.

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