Out There…Somewhere: Augusta is not the same on Friday the 13th

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Jeff Miller from Alabama was pushing his luck taking a tour of Downtown Augusta.

“Well it’s interesting on Friday the 13th and you have something very special here in Augusta…got my interest up,” Jeff said.

What got Jeff’s interest was the historical marker for the Haunted Pillar. You know the story…a traveling extorter said if you moved it, you would be struck by lightning. Another out of towner was also curious.

“Okay yeah, I’ll visit it. Haunted Pillar sounds cool,” said Justin Whittemore from Champaign, Illinois.

“Especially on Friday the 13th”

“Oh definitely I’ll check it out,” Justin said.

The Haunted Pillar, people loved the haunted Pillar, it was a tourist attraction, it had it’s own t-shirt.

Though there’s the historical maker…there’s no pillar. It got got pummeled by a car, destroyed…

“Oh my gosh, wow,” said Justin,”That’s sad.”

“Ruined your day.”

“Way to get my hopes up,” Justin said.

The pillar was knocked down Saturday night, December 17th 2016, so on this Friday the 13th, that was exactly 1000 days ago, and it hasn’t been replaced.

“Yeah, come on Augusta get it together,” said Justin.

Abie Ladson was City Engineer when the pillar got dropped and maybe the legend is the reason its spot is still empty.

“You thought you would get struck by lightning.”

“Yeah I thought I would get into an accident,” said Ladson.

The Haunted Pillar it’s just not a Friday the 13th without it. Out There Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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