One of R. Kelly’s girlfriends speaks out against him

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FILE – In this June 30, 2013 file photo, R. Kelly performs at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. A Georgia man involved with a recent documentary detailing abuse allegations against R. Kelly told police the singer’s manager threatened him. A Stockbridge police report says Timothy Savage told an officer on Jan. 3 that Don […]

(CNN) – One of R. Kelly’s girlfriends is now speaking out against the singer.

Joycelyn Savage accuses Kelly of being controlling and manipulative throughout their relationship.

The 24-year-old released a video on Instagram saying she’s started a page on Patreon to share her story.

The website is a paid membership platform.

Savage claims Kelly forced her to call him “master” and and that he made his staff watch her constantly — even when she showered.

For years Savage’s family said Kelly prevented them from having contact with their daughter.

But Savage denied those allegations — even publicly defended Kelly.

Kelly’s lawyer says savage is exploiting her relationship with the singer in order to make money.

R. Kelly is currently in prison facing several sex abuse charges from multiple states.

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