NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- Due to COVID-19 the Food and Drug administration issued a new policy that allows State-Licensed compound pharmacies to make certain alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete visited Custom Pharmacy in North Augusta that is considered a local compound pharmacy. There, she spoke to Morgan Frodham Blanton the head pharmacist in charge about what it takes to make the hand sanitizer.

“We are lucky that the FDA gave us permission to compound it, so that our community can have some kind of resource in order to keep their hands clean.”

For those who may not understand the difference between a compound pharmacy and a CVS or Walgreen’s. What is the difference?

“We do not make anything that is commercially available. So if you can get it at CVS or Walgreen’s.We cannot make it. We do not have it,” says Blanton.

There are two different formulas pharmacists can use to make the hand sanitizer from scratch.

“We will be using the 80% denatured alcohol, then they also added some water of course, hydrogen peroxide, a small amount and glycerin.”

Blanton says they will sell the first batch for around $5, but there are some challenges once that batch runs out.

“We will continue to go up from then as long as our suppliers and wholesalers allow us to order that quantity.”

If you are in need of hand sanitizer, you can call the pharmacy to put your name on the list to guarantee your bottle.

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