AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- There’s a new mentoring program in Augusta for girls ages 8 to 16 years-old. “Because, Butterflies R’ Blue” is a faith-based nonprofit focused on empowering “at-risk” girls in the community.

Volunteers help the girls with mentoring and self-esteem building. The hope is to decrease teen pregnancy, and increase school attendance and performance for some of these girls in the area.

Women volunteers help make this program happen. They give the girls positive role models and access to women in leadership.

Two ‘Butterfly Gala’s ‘ have helped to fund their Butterfly Retreat. That’s a three-day, day camp where girls learn about things like hygiene, the dangers of the internet, and the importance of education.

“When girls have low self esteem, they are more subjective to falling into some of the dangers of the internet, or the men that are preying on them. Whereas if they have a stronger self esteem they can easily say no. They can make a different choice,” explained founder and CEO, Shonta Bradley.

This non profit is a big undertaking and they’re just getting started. “Because, Butterflies R’ Blue” is still working on getting some of its programming going. A future goal is to offer “after-school” programs.

13-year-old Trinity Sanford attended the retreat last year. She said the serious topics made her nervous, but the volunteers made her feel comfortable talking about them.

“Kind scared. Because some of the people were older than me, so they probably knew more, but I learned a lot. And it helped me as I became older to know what to do and what to look out for,” she said.

To find out more about Because, Butterflies R’ Blue or to volunteer of make a donation, just visit their website.