National Re-entry week helps to give former inmates a fresh start


In the state of Georgia over 220.000 people are on parole or probation following incarceration. To reduce their chance of returning to prison, National Re-entry week focuses on the need for strong re-entry programs that help inmates successfully transition back into society. 

During the week several resource fairs are held to provide resources for former inmates such as clothing, housing, and employment. In Georgia, The Department of Community Supervision meets with community partners to address the barriers they often face. In Richmond County, once released inmates are often sent to the Day Reporting Center as part of their parole or probation. The center serves as an accountability tool to help former inmates avoid incarceration. 

 “The DRC is a treatment facility where individuals that have gone through issues that might’ve contributed to their incarceration or substance abuse issues all of those are addressed at the day reporting center. They have certified counselors there that address their issues they speak to them one on one,” said Reginald Cofer, Community Coordinator with the Prison In-reach team. 

To become a community partner or mentor contact the Department of Community Supervision

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