AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Saturday, a march against gun violence was held in Augusta. The Garden city was part of a nationwide movement to stop the senseless killing all across our country.

Enough is enough. That’s what more than 100 people who went to the March for Our Lives CSRA rally chanted.

“There’s no sense for what happened in Texas. There’s no sense for it. We are actually watching our future being taken from us,” said Camethia West.

Her son, Jadin West, agreed. “It’s just that it be in the hands of the wrong people. Shooting and you know, it can be over simple arguments.”

Many at the rally said they don’t have a problem with responsible gun ownership— but that things have to change.

People lined up on the side of Walton Way Extension for rally against gun violence.

“I’m a gun owner myself. I’m advocating for safe and effective storage for our kids and also for better gun laws. Gun Sense,” explained Niki Gunter, a member of Moms Demand Action.

“There need to be mental health checks before someone is issued a gun license to check someone’s mental stability. Because we don’t know what people are going through.” said Camethia.

Many moms said that it has become scary to let their kids out of their sight.

“Terrifying of course. Of course. And you know, security at schools is important, but it’s also important to realize that, you know, nowhere is safe,” Gunter said.

“And right here at home, I am terrified for my three sons to go anywhere,” agreed Camethia.

The people at the rally hope that this time their voices will be heard.

I think for far too long, the people, especially locally that are representing us, have ignored us or just done the typical ‘thoughts and prayers’. And it’s not doing anything. We need real action,” said Emily Ball, an organizer of the first march in 2018.

“I want there to be a change. Not only for the kids but for everybody, because, you know. Tomorrow’s not promised to nobody,” Jadin said.

For two hours, folks lined both sides of Walton Way Extension, shouting for Change.

The family of Arbrie Anthony, the child gunned down in January 2022, attended the rally.

Later, emotions were high as they lit candles and sang to honor those who lost their lives to gun violence, in Augusta and across the nation.

Arbrie Anthony’s family was there and they were presented a check towards a scholarship in her memory. Anthony’s father, Arthur Anthony, expressed the common theme of the night.

“Enough is Enough. Enough is enough. Thank you all.”