Missing pet pig in Martinez

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MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) -Lori Chavous was trying to so do something good for the kids who live in the Wynngate neighborhood but little did she expect that the whole neighborhood would be searching for a pig.

“It looped around and then came back out. It also went back in the woods over there,” say Lori Chavous.

It’s an 8 week old, pink- female pig.

“I was talking to some of the kids in the neighborhood and a lot of them said they hadn’t really seen a baby pig in real life,” says Chavous.

That’s when she decided to borrow two pigs from a farm in Appling.
She was so eager to show them off to the children until the unexpected happen.

“The little ones went behind me and opened up the pin and then the other one got loose,” explains Chavous.

The name of the missing pig is ‘Peppa Pig’, who belongs to a five-year-old little girl. Chavous says they searched for ‘Peppa Pig’ in the woods and even reached out to other neighbors, but she says some of them took it for a joke.

“We’re worried about if it gets in the yard with dogs or if it gets hits by a car,” says Chavous.

We reached out to animal services, the manager did not want to go on camera but she says being that it is a pet pig they would treat it like a lost dog or cat and they would not be able to capture a lost pet.

“It’s a little bit unusual but i hope they find it,” says Danny Prichard.

Danny Prichard lives in the area and even though he says having a pig as a pet isn’t his first choice…you shouldn’t underestimate them.

“I had to laugh about it but pigs are really smart. my son has a friend who lives in Charlotte who has a bottle nose pig for a pet,” says Prichard.

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