Mims Foundation establishes Mims Military Memorial

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McCORMICK, S.C. – (McCormick Messenger, WJBF)

The Mims Foundation has voted to establish the Mims Military Memorial. The memorial will be a part of The Mims Memorial Site on Mims Drive in McCormick. 

The memorial will be dedicated to students who attended a Mims School and subsequently served their country as soldiers in the defense and protection of their great society. Several Mims students also gave the ultimate sacrifice as they were killed in action.

A committee of former service personnel has been named to coordinate the activities for the establishment of the memorial with its dedication in June of 2020, during the reunion of the Mims Schools. The committee’s chairperson is Roosevelt Haskell, representing the United States Air Force, the Rev. Al Bell Sr., representing the United States Marine Corps, the Rev. William “Bill” Haskell, representing the United States Navy, Ulysses Blair, representing the United States Army, and Claude Hardy, representing Military Intelligence. Donald D. Moss, Veterans Service Officer, will be contacted to assist the committee.

All former Mims students, or relatives of former Mims students, who served in the military are encouraged to contact the Mims Foundation at PO Box 1347, McCormick, S.C., or they may call Roosevelt Haskell, committee chairperson at 706-840-3006, or any other member of the committee. Other contact persons are: William Anderson at 706-339-8491, Earl Anderson at 864-323-5816, Barbara Sibert at 864-550-0189, or Al Franklin Sr. at 864-602-9783, to register.

A brick with the name of each service member will be placed at the memorial. A special place will be reserved for the names of persons who died in combat.

The Mims Foundation desires to pay a special tribute to Mims students who have served their country. They distinguished themselves in World War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and in a variety of other combat and non-combat military actions. The foundation is very proud of these Mims students who defended this nation on land, on the seas, and in the air; and, like Crispus Attucks at the beginning of the American Revolution in 1770, would die for the freedoms which Americans now enjoy.

When placed at the “eternal light” of the Mims Memorial, this lasting tribute will let Mims students who still live, and the families whose loved ones have gone to a greater victory; know that the foundation is proud of their devotion and dedication and erects the memorial as another example “on behalf of a grateful nation.” The Mims Legacy continues.

Tax deductible donations to support the establishment of the Mims Military Memorial may be made payable to the Mims Foundation and sent to PO Box 1347, McCormick, S.C. 29835.

This story first appeared in The McCormick Messenger.

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