Micro-burst causes damage in Grovetown neighborhood

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Grovetown, GA (WJBF)- Severe storms swept through the city of Grovetown Wednesday night, knocking out power for thousands of residents and leaving downed trees and debris in its wake.

The storm hit around 7-30 Wednesday night, and while damage was fairly isolated. NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers talked to one woman who says everything in her backyard was destroyed.

Theresa Kondrasiewicz lives with her two granddaughters. She says the back yard was their haven. Now everything that made it special is gone.

“It looked like a war zone in my back yard. It destroyed the trampoline, it destroyed my swimming pool, it messed up my shed. It, um, it crushed my pop up camper, it’s totaled,” said Kondrasiewicz.

The storm did the most damage to neighborhoods along Katherine Street. Trees were down in yards, on homes and cars. Some say power wasn’t restored until after five A.M.

The city’s response has been quick.

Ashley Campbell is the Public Information Officer for the City of Grovetown. She says that crews are working tirelessly to clean up as quickly as possible.

“The streets department has been out working to clear debris off the streets and the sidewalks. We’ve had fire crews going to check downed power lines to make sure that none are still burning or active. We have gotten a couple calls of smoke in the area, but luckily. There haven’t been any injuries, there’s been nothing major that’s happened,” Campbell explained.

NewsChannel 6 spoke to several residents who didn’t want to go on camera. They are concerned about the amount of clean up that needs to be done and want to know if the city can help.

Campbell says the city will do their part.

“If they can go ahead and get it cut up six feet or smaller, we will come by and pick it up, today and through Friday,” said Campbell.

Kondrasiewicz has reached out to the insurance company who told her they would only cover the contents of the damaged shed. She says that she plans to fight it. She also says that she is very upset about the damage, but is thankful that the house wasn’t hit and that her family is safe.

“I could hear trees popping and debris hitting my house. It was a very scary moment for me and the girls. You know its just a very sad time for me because this backyard was for them. I feel so bad for my two granddaughters. It’s just sad,” Kondrasiewicz said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Kondrasiewicz family try to replace some of what has been lost.

City leaders say the National Weather Service says it appears the storm was a microburst of strong localized straight line winds from a thunderstorm.

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