Medical Students Create Song and Video To Toast Frontline Workers

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AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – They look like a popular music group. But, these guys are medical students taught to treat bodies and save lives.

When the pandemic started, they looked outside their books for a way to use medicine and music to provide hope and healing while spreading a message.

“The inspiration really came from us wanting to say ‘thank you’ because we felt frustrated we saw a lot of people that we looked up to just neck deep in the thick of things and we just wanted to be able to extend our gratitude,” explains second year medical student Rushay Amarath.

At the time, Rushay Amarath and Tyler Beauchamp were completing their first year at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

Amarath says, “we just bond over music and we’re able to share our passions that way and it promotes a form of humanism in our development as professionals.”

As students, they couldn’t physically help people during the pandemic.

But musically, they struck a chord.

“We thought about “Runaway” which kind of calls out people on their past behavior and stuff but we thought it would be kinda cool to kind of turn it on a positive phrase and call out the people that have been doing so much to help out,” says Beauchamp.

With the help of fellow med student Andy Nguyen, and his passion for production, the trio created a prescription for love and healing through sight and sound.

“When the pandemic started I felt even more inspired to be able to create things and put it out because I knew there was such a need for comfort albeit through a screen. But, it was the least we could do,” reflects Nguyen.

Their creation was more than a song and video.

They took an extra step to bring faces of the frontlines to the forefront.

Beauchamp adds, “and then as this started growing we thought it would be really cool to reach out to more people. Then, it kind of blew up from there. I think word of mouth and just sort of cold calling. We started getting pictures coming in from all over the country.”

A picture board that started with six photos is now overflowing with the faces of those who have fought the battle against Covid 19 from day one and haven’t backed down from this war.”

“This really became a ‘thank you’ to everyone and anyone whose made a sacrifice over this past year,” says Beauchamp.

Like medical school, this project required countless hours.

But in the end it was a labor of love and support.

“As long as it took, as many sleepless nights, as many sacrifices that we made, it was 100 percent worth it. I just hope that the people that see it truly feel the genuine appreciation that we’re trying to give albeit they deserve so much more than a superficial little video. But, it’s the least we can do,” Nguyen concludes.

The guys say this creation is not about making money.

Instead, it’s about sending a message.

By the way, Rushay and Tyler are members of “Music In Medicine” which is a group of medical students who perform for people to provide comfort during tough times.

To see the full video “Stay Inside: A Toast To The Frontline” CLICK HERE.

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