Medical Minute: Diabetes and foot health

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(ABC NEWS) – On today’s medical report, diabetes. An estimated 100 million Americans have the disease. If you are among them it is vitally important that you take care of your feet.

Taking a stand against your diabetes? Then be sure to take care of your feet too.

When managing diabetes, it’s expected you check your blood sugar, cook healthy foods, stay active and take your medications.

But do you remember to check your feet?

60 to 70% of people with diabetes have nerve damage, and the most common area affected are the legs and feet.

Some may experience numbness, tingling or even pain.

That means you could miss small cuts, blisters or sores on your feet–small problems that can become hard-to-heal infections or wounds if not treated early.

The centers for disease control say that you can avoid all that with a few tips:

One, treat your feet to a daily exam and wash them too

Two, avoid walking barefoot and wear only well-fitting shoes

Three, don’t remove corns and calluses yourself. in fact, ask your doctor to check your feet at every appointment.

Four, put your feet up and wiggle your toes a few times a day to keep your blood flowing.

And five, get active with foot friendly exercises like swimming or walking.

Start managing your diabetes on the right foot by, well, taking care of your feet.

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